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Growing up I was captivated by the middle-ages. I liked the top castles, big dresses, and galant knights. However, there were a few things that made me very grateful for having the opportunity to live now instead of then. Shampoo for example. I couldn't wrap my little brain around how some individuals only bathed several times a year plus they didn't have shampoo. Their hair needed to be super-dooper nasty, right?! Hi. My child is a decade old and she has never really had any chemical substance treatments done to her mane. Her hair is super ultra thick but it appears her span never changes. She has a whole lot of shrinkage but how do you tell whether she actually is gaining length. At the Lumo BEAUTY SALON, hairdressers use natural-based elements and avoid using heating on the wild hair with their clients. Heat can dried out or damage mane.
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No regimen is complete without nightly protection! Ensure that your little one either wears a satin bonnet to foundation or sleeps on a satin pillowcase This will keep their scalp moisturized and also prevent damage. You'll find satin bonnets and pillowcases at The Natural Scalp Shop(). A few products that involves head are: Marc Anthony Curl Stretch, Aunti Jackie's Don't Shrink, Design Requirements Curl Stretch.natural hair care tips and products
The No Poo Method - a whole site focused on natural hair good care - make sure to bookmark and follow this web site on Pinterest! She says dark women tend to be more vulnerable because they tend to use scalp products frequently over an extended time period and for that reason have higher vulnerability levels to the chemicals. Hi! Try adding a little bit of coconut or jojoba oil to her wild hair after you clean it. Also, make sure that you place her down on a satin-backed baby blanket therefore the head of hair doesn't rub and dry out.

Transitioning is easy and simple on the natural and her family members. Transitioning gives the loved ones an alteration to transition as well. A small amount of oil goes a long way. Start with a small amount, and add more as necessary. Chemical alteration of hair only affects the wild hair above the head; unless the roots of hairs are damaged, new wild hair will grow in with natural color and texture.